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"You really took it at the same time with Kempi and Domke?" Jarvis asked, astonished and somewhat amused.

"Yes! And it was really great!"

"But when? And how?"

"Yesterday evening. In the refectory."

"Whaaat? In the refectory? Are all three of you crazy?"

"No, not at all, it is perfect. They always do it there. You know they are in charge of cleaning it after supper, don't you? Well, after they take everything to the kitchen to wash, they have to shut the kitchen door. Then they have to sweep and mop the floor so they put a sign at the corridor's door: "Beware, wet floors. No Entry". Then they go to the larder to fold and put away all the tablecloths, and to prepare everything for next morning's breakfast, so they can only come out when the floor is dry. And in the larder they are safe, as nobody would enter. They don't have much time, but it's better than nothing. So I just went to the larder and waited for them."

"But if the three of you were seen coming out?"

"I would just say I went to help them."

"And what if, even with the wet floor and the sign somebody came in?"

"We would always have time to tidy ourselves."

"And how? The loincloth, the tunic, the collar..."

"No, silly! We just took off our loincloths. They told me. 'You take it off, pull up your tunic, wrap it around your waist and fix it like a waistband. If somebody comes, you only have to pull down your tunic and nothing can be seen'."

"Yes, and what about the hard cocks? Without the loincloth they would tent the tunic."

"No, because you slip your cock under the loincloth - as long as it is hard, it remains held there, and when it softens it slips down, but then doesn't tent the tunic any more."

"They have thought of everything, it seems."

"A Master taught Kempi."


"He wouldn't to tell me."

"And... did you like taking two at once?"

"And how! It was fabulous feeling both of them pistoning into me from both ends."

"Did you tell them about me?"

"Are you kidding? Without your authorization, I'd never mention your name. Why, would you like to try it?"

"No, thanks, and should I want to, I would arrange it myself."

"Good, I thought so. Anyway I would like to do it with you again, but where?"

"We'll find somewhere, sooner or later. When you want to, have your fun with them."

"Do you know that before we arrived, Domke gave head to Kempi in the dormitory? We could do that."

"Yes, I know. But I don't like doing it in the dormitory, it's way too dangerous."

"Just think, out of seven novices, there are four of us this way. And who knows, about the other three..."

"Don't fantasize too much, Petak. And don't risk yourself too much. It could end up that somebody turns you in, sometime. I would regret that."

"No, don't worry. I'll be careful."

But unfortunately he wasn't careful enough. He made an advance with Kuman who reported it, and Petak was moved to another Convivium. Jarvis talked about that with Master Trake.

"Unhappily there is nothing I can do for him. If he is more careful, he will have no more problems, besides the fact that he will never go further than the Professed level, at this point. Anyway I don't think he has the talent to go further. Do you miss him?"

"Not really. We weren't having sex together any longer."

"Really? And why?"

"Somewhat because we didn't know where to. And a little because my studies occupy so much of my time."

"Don't you miss the sexual activity?"

"Well, a little. But for the moment I resist. But it isn't fair."

"For Petak? Why?"

"I introduced him to it, and there are many doing it, here. Should we all be moved?"

Trake laughed softly, "Perhaps."

"But someday all this will change. One will be able to love, or to make love, without hiding, without being ashamed, without fear, without being punished or killed!"

"You are a visionary, Jarvis. That day will never come."

"All things change, Master, you told me so."

"It needs somebody with the courage, the strength and the skill - three rare talents. Plus two more - patience and prudence."

"I will do it. Even if I have to become a Great Master!" the boy resolutely answered.

"You really are a visionary. When you are a Great Master, you cannot do as you please."

"We'll see!" Jarvis stubbornly answered.

Trake smiled, "You are still a child."

"I will grow."

"Certainly. And then you will understand your limits."

Jarvis now had even more reason to study hard, and increased his fervor. He started to study the Mystics Constitution carefully, in addition the rest - the ancient language, where he was rapidly becoming skilled; the Scriptures, that he read ravenously, now almost always in the original language; the Commentaries that he devoured; then history, law and of course the Mystics' texts. Because of all this, he somewhat slowed down study of the physical techniques and of dance, subjects where he was continuing to do fairly well in any case. And he continued to pass tests, one after another. Certainly his exceptional memory, which he had developed from his childhood, helped him. One of the reasons he was so successful in debates with the Masters and easily earned their colored rings, was his prodigious memory, he was able to talk with each Master using his personal style to express himself, to the Masters' great satisfaction. Trake followed the progress of his favorite boy with profound pleasure and pride. The Elder summoned him to speak with him about Jarvis.

"The boy seems promising to me, one of the best we ever had. He his forging well ahead of the others."

"Yes, Elder, he is really enthusiastic and talented."

"I foresee a brilliant future for him, if he continues at this rate."

"But at times exceptional minds burn themselves out."

"It is for us to try and avoid that. He seems a compliant boy, it should not be difficult to guide him."

"It will not be easy. The boy has his own ideas."

"Yes, certainly. He was born in Fie month as was Galil."

"Yes, so it is said."

"Master Trake! 'So it is said so shall be.' Don't discuss these opinions outside these walls. I have a deep esteem for you, I wouldn't like for you to clip your wings for yourself. Master at twenty-eight years, a big achievement, you could go a long way. Just be prudent."

"I will, Elder. Thank you for your patience."

"Yes, I can understand you liking the young Jarvis, the two of you have much in common. I think that when he becomes an Acolyte, I'll entrust him to you. As your personal Acolyte, possibly. A Master has right to one, if he so requests."

Trake looked at him, asking himself if these words were going farther than their literal meaning. Could the Elder have guessed about his caring for the boy? Was he favoring it? It seemed to him most unlikely. He would certainly, ask for Jarvis as his personal Acolyte.

Jarvis was completely absorbed in his studies and Trake ordered that he be relieved, as much as possible, from common chores, asking him to do only a few light tasks. All the boy's energy had to be available to be channeled into his studies. Of his own accord, the boy was now even skipping his rest or free time. At just nineteen, Jarvis, for the first time in living memory, passed all the tests and exams, was admitted into the Acolytes and wore the black tunic. Trake, the day after his admission, made his plea to the Elder to have Jarvis assigned to him as his personal Acolyte. His request was at once approved. Meaning that Jarvis was assigned a cell adjoining that of the Master.

"Master, the Elder has assigned me as your personal Acolyte. It will be my job to clean your cell, from now on." the boy said happily.

"Two mistakes in the same sentence," Trake noted with a smile.

"I don't understand..."

"First, you are now an ordained member of our Order, therefore you should not address me in the formal, but the semiformal."

"Oh, that's right! I'll have to get used to that."

"Second, a personal Acolyte does not do the cleaning for his Master, even if often he is used for that purpose. But he does have to do all his Master asks him."

"And I will be glad to."

"And my order is not to clean my room, I've always done it and I will continue doing it."

"But then? What am I to do for you?"

"Study. Continue to study fervently, as you have done up to now."

"As you order, Master."

"Finally, apropos the man you love, but you don't know if he loves you."


"Do you still love him?"

"Oh, yes."

"Then I order you to tell him."


"An order is never to be questioned. Advice can be questioned, but never an order. You swore the oath of obedience just the day before yesterday, did you not?"

Jarvis looked at him and nodded in assent. "This is a harsh order. I still don't feel ready." he objected.

"You will obey just the same."

"Certainly. Master?"


"I... I am in love with you." Jarvis said and charmingly blushed immediately, swallowing his breath two or three times and studying intently the Master's expression.

The man didn't change his expression, "You still don't understand do you, that I have loved you forever?"


"Yes. But I had to wait for this moment to tell you."

"I... you... I..."

"Don't stutter. Come here. Why do you think I wanted you as my personal Acolyte? Come here, silly young man, let me embrace you. I have waited for this moment far too long."

Trake opened his arms and Jarvis took refuge between them and burst in tears.

"Why are you crying, my boy?"

"I am so happy."

"I too." the man said raising the boy's face with two fingers, drying his tears and kissing him.

Jarvis felt the man's tongue lightly brushing his lips, and parted them. Their kiss became warm, intimate, impetuous, deep. Jarvis felt his legs almost yielding from the emotion. Trake held him up, continuing to kiss him with passion.

"Do you want to be mine, Jarvis?"


"Then tonight we will sleep together."


"I desire you, Jarvis, do you feel it?"


"And you?"

"I'm yours, Master, totally yours."

"Do you desire me?"

"Oh, yes!"

"How much?"

"With all my being."

They kissed again. Then Trake, gently parting from him, said, "We must not rush ahead, now. Set yourself up in the adjoining room. Take your belongings there, your books and start to study. Any problem you have with your studies, don't hesitate to come and talk with me, understood?"

"Certainly, master. May I leave the connecting door open, while studying?"


"To be able to look at you, from time to time."

"I will be pleased, then I too can look at you. But now go, or I will not be able to wait until tonight. I crave you too much, these three years so close, but not even being able to touch you."

"For me also, Master, it has been hard. For me, also."

"But we can wait a few more hours, cant we not?"

"Certainly." Jarvis said and, bowing, went to fetch his belongings and move.

His Novices companions were happy for him and offered to help him move his things, but Jarvis thanked them and said he preferred to do it alone. He had to make several trips up and down, but he managed everything before lunchtime. In the afternoon he resumed his studies. He loved raising his eyes from time to time and see Master Trake engrossed in his studies as well. The man also looked at him often, at times their eyes met and they gave each other a warm smile.

They ate supper, and then went to the Great Hall for the mystical dance. Jarvis knew that Master Trake danced for him, as he did for his beloved man. Then followed the lectures and the Elder chose the passage of the third day, tenth month, forth year, the one that at one point says: "If dying for another is a great gift, how much greater a gift is living for another!"

Trake looked with curiosity towards the Elder's seat, who, however had on his face his usual imperturbable smile. And now Trake guessed that the Elder knew about his love for Jarvis.

At the end they all went to their cells. Jarvis, full of emotion, was waiting for Trake to call him. Candidates and Novices always slept with their clothes on, so Jarvis didn't know if he should undress or not. The Constitution said that a United could undress for the night only if he is alone, but he, having the connecting door half open, couldn't decide if he could consider that he was alone or not. Soon, the Master would call for him. He would probably expect him to be naked already; perhaps he would call him, and give him time to undress?


"Yes, Master?"

"Are you coming?"

"Here I am." Jarvis said hesitant in going there still dressed. He saw that Trake was also still dressed and told himself he did right not to undress.

"Are you still dressed?"

"I didn't know what to do."

"You did well, as I want be the one to undress you. Come closer."

Jarvis was trembling with emotion. He went to the Master. The man untied Jarvis' yellow waistband, took off his yellow hat and short cape. Then unbuttoned his collar and slipped off his large black tunic.

"You are beautiful," Trake murmured in a low voice. Then added, "Do you want to undress me?"

"Oh Yes!" Jarvis answered, and with trembling hands started to undress the man. He pulled off all the yellow clothes of his Master, until both were wearing only their black loincloths.

Then Trake pulled him to himself, embraced and kissed him. To Jarvis the contact with the naked skin was like an electric shock, and the Master's hands roaming on his back, on his sides, lingering on his tense butts, were like a dream. He almost didn't dare touch the body he loved, but used his lips and started to cover it with small kisses. The man shuddered at the light, fresh, sweet contact, and when Jarvis lips lingered on his nipples, they immediately answered by hardening, Trake's hands lowered to untie the boy's loincloth that floated to the floor in soft coils.

"I adore you, Jarvis." the man murmured in a tone of admiration.

"I'm yours, Master."

"Untie my loincloth."

Jarvis knelt in front of him, took the right end of the long cloth and gently pulled it. Trake's loincloth also loosed, glided to the floor in soft coils and the boy had in front of his face the beautiful, turgid, erect member of his man. He bent to kiss it, at first lightly, all long its length. Then he lifted his hands to caress it, to hold it, he started to lick it in a long, devoted massage. Trake shuddered violently.

"Oh, Jarvis, Jarvis!" the man moaned enjoying the skilled ministration.

The boy uncovered the Master's glans and licked it, lapped at it with his tongue.

"Jarvis, oh my Jarvis - I waited so long for you."

The boy let that powerful flesh saber slip inside his mouth.

"Oh, it's a dream. You are a dream."

The boy, happy and quivering, gently kneaded the man's testicles with both hands, while bobbing his head back and forth on the long pole, sucking it and teasing it's swollen glans with his tongue.

"Jarvis, come to my bed, please." the man murmured with excitement, raising him by his armpits and pulling him against himself.

He made the boy lie on his bed and lay on top of him, wrapped him tightly with his arms and legs, kissed him deeply while their members were imprisoned between their tense bellies and palpitated strongly. Then Trake moved, sitting astride the boy's pelvis, so that Jarvis' member brushed the cleft of his butt.

"Take me."

"Master! I take you?"

"Yes. I know you like it."

"But I want to be yours!"

"Later I will take you, I will make you mine. But now I want you in me." Trake said.

He took a little amphora, anointed his boy's rod with perfumed oil, and then crouched on it spreading his cheeks, offering himself for the penetration.

"Let me see what are you able to do, let me feel how much you desire me, how much of a man you are. Go on, put it all inside me and give me pleasure."

Then Jarvis pushed his pelvis upwards and felt his glans touch the palpitating hole. He pushed upward and felt the hole opening, welcoming him, gradually encasing his rod, while Trake lowered himself to meet the boy's push. The boy's member slipped inside the love channel, until his groin was firmly against the lean buttocks of the man.

Jarvis was looking at the man's body towering over him, lighted by the golden, flickering light of the lantern that reflected with sparkles of light in his eyes, and thought that Trake was way too beautiful. And the fact he was inside him, filled him with a kind of grateful emotion. Trake caressed the boy's body and bent on him until their mouths met.

A moment before they kissed, Trake murmured, "Go on, my boy, make me feel it."

Then Jarvis planted his heels on the mattress, his knees slightly arched, and started to thrust his pelvis in slow but powerful thrusts, up from the mattress and down again, rotating his hips at each stroke. The man's knees had his arms pinioned at the boy's sides and the man's chest brushed against the boy's with each of his strokes, while the hot, hard member of the man brushed against their bellies. Their tongues were unceasingly playing from one mouth to the other and their breaths were only one. Jarvis thought that it was paradise. He never felt such intense emotions with anybody before. He thought he heard soft music accompanying their movements, and he felt like he was dancing the most beautiful of the mystic dances. And ecstasy came; like a light exploding inside his head and he felt a wave of pure energy flowing from him that diffused, spreading in the beloved body of his Master, who held him tight with amorous passion.

When he started to relax, Trake slowly loosened his hold and parted from him.

"Oh, Master, how wonderful!"

"Are you happy?"

"Yes, I am in paradise."

"We have just started, my beloved."

"Would you now take me, Master."

"Do you want me to?"

"Oh, yes! I want to be yours."

"You already are mine."

"I want to feel you in me."

"I desire you."

"Yes, take me."

"I want you."

"I am here."

"Now I'll take you." the man murmured, his eyes aflame with desire.

He lay on top of Jarvis, inserting his strong legs between the boy's. Jarvis immediately spread them folding them at his chest's sides. Trake immersed two fingers in the little amphora with scented oil and put them on the hole that was waiting for him, full of desire. The two fingers penetrated him, skilled and delicate, preparing him. Jarvis shuddered eagerly.

"Take me!"

"Yes." the man murmured in a hoarse voice.

He raised the boy's pelvis planting his knees and lubed his powerful, quivering stake, then put its tip on the hot, slippery hole of the boy.

"I'll make you mine, now."

"Oh, yes!"

"Here I am. I'm taking you." the man whispered starting to slip inside the boy in a single vigorous movement without pause.

He was slipping inside the boy, in a slow, determined, gentle push. Jarvis was opening under him, welcoming him with great pleasure. He could feel it advancing inexorable, unstoppable like a powerful tidal wave. He saw the smile of pleasure blooming on the beautiful face of Trake, widening, becoming luminous. When at last it was all inside, the man passed his arms under the boy's back, seizing his shoulders and pulling him to himself. Jarvis encompassed the man's neck and shoulders with his arms. Their eyes were looking into each other's with loving passion. The man seemed to concentrate, accumulating energy, then started to move in a slow, powerful, regular movement back and forth inside the boy.

"It's so wonderful!" the boy murmured, overwhelmed with joy.

"Isn't it?" the man said sweetly continuing his movement without hesitation, full of harmony.

Jarvis could feel the man's muscles tensing and contracting in an unceasing dance and again he felt he heard the music of the mystic dances.

"I love you, Jarvis."

"I love you to."

"Do you like it?"

"Oh Yes! Yes! Yes!"

"You are beautiful, do you know?"

"Because I'm yours, because I'm happy."

The man slowly rose to kneel, lifting the boy's body from the bed, keeping him tight against his strong chest, until he was completely up, Jarvis deeply impaled on his powerful rod. Jarvis held himself with his arms around the man's neck and his legs girded Trake's waist. The man slowly got up from the bed, until he was standing, then started to dance and at each of his movements the boy's body was springing on his stake, up and down. It was incredible how the man's body twirled free and light notwithstanding the boy's weight. At each step of the dance the man's member slipped in and out Jarvis' hot channel, giving him intense pleasure. Trake's arms were now holding him at his waist, strong and steady.

"I will lead you to mystic ecstasy, Jarvis."


"We will reach it together."


The Master danced faster, faster, whirling as if he had no weight, as if forces of gravity didn't exist. He turned, jumped, turned vortically. Jarvis soon felt seized by an incredible bliss, suspended in mid air, the only real thing being the muscled body girdling him, the powerful pole dancing inside him and holding him up. Nothing else existed; they were hovering in the skies, higher and higher. A thousand pure gold suns were shining around them, inside them and all around the velvety warm black of the universe - black and yellow, the Mystics colors, it was now clear for Jarvis. All his senses were alight at the spasm, and were enjoying the glowing feast of the thousand colors of the infinite.

Jarvis was conscious of all the parts of his body and those of the Master, and nothing else. He felt inside him, around him the powerful limbs of the man and was happy, happy, happy! And he felt the Universes energy concentrating inside them, growing, pushing and finally exploding in a feast of blinding fireworks. Suddenly all became still. They were on the carpet, Trake sitting cross-legged, Jarvis firmly transfixed on the man's still hard and erect member, deeply embedded inside him. Jarvis was sitting on the man's warm lap, between his crossed legs, like in a safe, warm nest. Trake withdrew from the boy. He slipped out from under him raising him with his strong arms, took him again to his bed and lay at his side, caressing and kissing him.

"Is this, the enlightenment?" Jarvis asked with emotion.

"No, but it is very close to it. Mystical ecstasy and the ecstasy of love are twin sisters."

"The dance, before, what dance was it?"

"I don't know. This is the first time I danced it."

"You never danced it with anybody else?"

"Yes, never. It just come out spontaneously, I could do nothing else."

"It was really sublime."

"Yes, it was, as it was inspired by my love for you."

"May I ask you something, Master?"


"You... I am not the first one you've loved, am I?"

"You are the first I love so intensely. But it is true, I loved others, before meeting you."

"Many?" Jarvis asked in a childlike way.

Trake smiled, "Do you want to know my life story?"

"Yes, everything."

"I will tell you, little by little. But now I will answer your question. Before meeting you, I loved three persons. The first one was when I was fifteen. He was a Professed of the Mystics. I owe him for asking to be admitted into the Order. He came to dance in my village with a companion. He was like a beautiful dream. I missed not even one of his dances, I was always in the first row, I couldn't take my eyes from him. He became aware of it. So that evening he came to look for me. He told my parents he wanted to climb the hill, to go into the woods, and he needed a guide. My parents willingly allowed me to go with him. But it was he, I soon realized, who was leading me. He knew the woods well. I asked him how. He was born on the other side of the hill, and as a boy he often went to that wood. He took me to a clearing. The grass was soft; the full moon illuminated him with a fresh golden light. 'I want to dance for you only, tonight' he said. He spread his yellow mantle on the grass, stepped onto it and started to dance. And while dancing his black clothes, one after the other, whirled away and at the end he appeared in front of me completely naked and so wonderful. I was moved, fascinated, vanquished. And when he stopped and motioned to me, I stood up. I stopped at the edge of his mantle, which seemed like liquid gold. 'Undress' he said. I undressed and naked, stepped onto his mantle. He pulled me to himself, made me lie down, got on top of me and took me. It was really beautiful, As soon as my sixteenth birthday came, I asked to be accepted into the Mystics."

"And you became lovers?"

"No, he in the interlude became a Master and was sent with others to found a new Convivium. In my Convivium, when I was eighteen, and was a Novice, I found my second love.

"He was a Novice like me, but two years older. I noticed him as soon as I was a Candidate and felt attracted by him. When we were Novices together, I managed to tell him what I was feeling for him. He answered me that he too liked me. But as you know very well, it is not easy to find a place to make love. After a year he became an Acolyte. Luckily we were both assigned to the preparation of the bread for the breakfast. We therefore had to wake up very early, before all the others, to go and work at the oven. After taking off our tunics and the black loincloth, in order not to dirty them with flour, and wore a white one, we had to light the fire, then knead the bread, put it in the oven and wait whilst it baked. Then we had to take it out of the oven at dawn, when everybody came to the refectory after the morning dances. During the dances was ideal - only we two were excused from participating, all the others, without exception, had to attend. Therefore we were safe. The bread in the oven was baking, and we had nothing to do, except wait. So we went to the small change room adjoining the bakery, pulled off the white loincloth and, before dressing again, we made love. We ended just in time to dress, to pull out the loaves and to serve them, hot and crisp.

"The third one was when I was a Professed. He too was a Professed. We were sent to visit various Conviviums of our Order, to study the local variations of the mystical dances. In one of the Conviviums they were short of cells, thus they asked us if we would mind sharing the same cell. As we were sleeping together, we had to go to bed wearing our clothes, as the Constitution demands. But he undressed. He noticed my puzzled glance and told me, 'Undress too'. 'It's forbidden' I said, but was becoming aroused seeing his nudity. 'Making love is also forbidden' he said caressing his already half-erect member, looking straight into my eyes. I understood, undressed, and we made love. We later gradually fell in love with each other. Then one day he confessed he was falling in love with a Novice and asked me to set him free, free to love his boy. Of course I consented."

"Could you have said no to him?"

"I could, as we bound ourselves with a promise."

"Can this be done?"

"If both wanted it, why not. It is nothing official, of course, officially you cannot even make love, and you know that. It is just a mutual promise on ones honor, but it binds like an official oath."

Jarvis nodded, than asked, "Master, may I make you this promise?"

"When you become a Professed, Jarvis."

"Why not now?"

"Because such a promise has to be done between two adults."

"All right. But in my heart, it is as if I already did." the boy said.

Trake smiled.

The two loved each other passionately. Jarvis was proceeding in his studies, thanks also to Trake's help. Even if he never again talked with the Master about it, inside his head, studying the Constitutions of the various Orders, the laws and the Scriptures, the idea took shape of a community where two men could love each other without any problems. But what drove Jarvis into action, was a peculiar encounter. Trake had been sent by the Order to a Disciplined's Convivium to help them solve a disagreement about misticism. Some Disciplined said that mysticism is the prerogative of a few, others instead said it was for everybody. Trake took Jarvis with him. They were hosted in a double room. Here Jarvis met a young Disciplinate named Pukor.

In the free moments they often walked together in the beautiful grand Convivium garden and talked about the life in the respective Orders.

"But, really, what is the Mystical ecstasy?" Pukor asked Jarvis.

"It's something similar to sexual ecstasy." Jarvis answered on instinct, and then bit his tongue.

But Pukor answered, "I see. It involves all the senses and nothing more exists around."

"Yes. Have you experienced it?"

"I? Yes, I have."

Jarvis, amazed for that candid statement, then asked, "But here, in your Convivium?"

Pukor studied him for a moment, and then said in a low hesitant voice, "It is forbidden, here."

"Everywhere, but..."

"There are no women, and between two men it is forbidden by the common law. One is beheaded."

"Only if caught flagrant by three witnesses. It's enough to be very prudent."

"Here it is enough to be suspect and one has to move in another Convivium. And at the second suspicion, one is exiled."

"You are more strict than us."

"And if a couple is caught, even by only one or two witness, they are exiled at once from the Order. If by three, beheaded."

"Yes, you are much more severe than us. And yet, when love is strong, one becomes ready to run these risks, doesn't one?" Jarvis said.

"True," Pukor sighed.

And after a few more explorative cues, he confessed he was bound by love with Fachis, another Disciplined of that Convivium.

"I too am bound, like you. Do you have many problems, you two?"

"Yes, we have been caught."

"Caught? Then... you are together no more."

"No, we are still together. A Master caught us. In exchange for his silence, he asked us to go to bed with him, whenever he demands it."

"But you could report him."

"No. He made us sign a paper where we confess we are lovers. If we report him, he can make public our confession and we would be beheaded."

"But why did you sign it?"

"It was the only way to remain together."

"I didn't think such things could happen. It is unfair."

"I know, but what can we do?"

"Something. I have been thinking about this for a long time. Something like a Convivium were two could openly love each other, without running any risk."

"Oh, you are just a visionary. Such a Convivium would never be permitted."

"Not yet, but..."

"If it existed, I'll ask at once to be moved there."

"I'll keep you informed, Pukor." Jarvis answered seriously.

His companion shook his head in amusement, and with a mechanical gesture tidied the gray and black clothes of his Order. But Jarvis was more and more persuaded he had to do something about the problem.

Back from their journey, Jarvis applied himself exclusively to three goals - becoming more and more skilled in pleasing his lover, becoming a Professed, and working on his project.

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