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Jarvis was admitted as a Professed when he was just twenty years old. The Elder complimented him and gave him a commendation letter, written personally by the Order's Great Master.

When he was alone again with Trake, Jarvis finally revealed to him the project on which he had worked for such a long time.

"Master, if there were a Convivium where we could live our love without hiding it, would you ask to be moved there?"

"Are you still thinking about that? If it existed, I would certainly ask to go there, together with you." the man answered smiling.

"It could not exist in any of the Orders with their Constitutions. But if a new Order was founded, with it's own, unique Constitution, it would be different."

"The fact is that it would not be possible to found an Order having as its goal the free love between men," Trake stated.

"No, that is true. But it would be possible to found a new Order whose Constitution, without even mentioning love between two men, thus making it possible. All the various Constitutions of the different Orders that I've studied, appear to endeavor to make it impossible, or at the very least seriously difficult to have this love."

"That's correct. But, a Constitution not having this stipulation would never be approved by the Bergalilam or by the Council of the Great Masters."

"I think I've found a way to overcome this obstacle. Would you please read this draft of a new Constitution, Master?"

With a smile Trake took the draft that his beloved handed him and began to read them right away. When he finished he looked at Jarvis, amazed.

"Well, my boy, in such a Convivium it would be even more difficult to hide to make love, more than in any existing Convivium. Even for a Master like me. I don't understand. You talk about private cells, but without doors, where anybody can enter without knocking nor announcing himself!"

"Yes, but only in the situation where shoes at the entrance show that the inhabitant of the cell is inside. If otherwise, nobody can enter, under the pain of a serious infraction."

"Certainly, one should not enter a cell in absence of its inhabitant, it would be really improper. But this doesn't solve the problem of intimacy."

"On the contrary it does. Try to imagine you are alone in your cell. I come to make love with you. I see your shoes; therefore I can enter. I take off my shoes, put them near yours but, instead of leaving them outside, I take both pairs and enter. Whoever comes now, not seeing any shoes cannot enter. Therefore we can make love in peace without the slightest worry, without fearing being seen, or interrupted."

"But anyone who comes past will hear, and understand."

"But only a member of the community can pass there. Someone belonging to the Convivium, therefore has a lover of his own gender like we two. And what's wrong if he knows we are making love, if they already know we are lovers? He would find it logical, wouldn't he? This rule is made only to make strangers believe that it is impossible for two people to withdraw to make love."

"But in the Conviviums there are quite often guests, from other Orders and even laymen."

"Not in the houses of the new Order. They will be divided in three parts - the real Convivium, whose entrance is forbidden to everybody outside the Order, only excepting the Bergalilam. A hostel for United of other Orders, a guest rooms, to host all the others. Three totally separate areas."

"And how can you justify this unusual separation?"

"Precisely because of the absence of internal doors. And with the name I would give to the new Order."

"What name?"

"Closureds. No member can enter or leave the Convivium without its Responsible's authorization."

"And what would be the reason for that?"

"Officially, so as not to disturb the study atmosphere."

"But how is it possible to craft an order exclusively composed by people such as us?"

"There are two ways. Firstly, assemble it with United from other Orders that are like us. Instead of being exiled they could be moved to our Order if we present ourselves as an extremely strict, rigorous and severe Order. It would officially be a punishment. But in reality they would become devoted and trustworthy new members. Secondly, all those like us who learn of its real meaning, could explicitly ask to be admitted to the new Order. Moreover candidates and Novices will not live inside the Convivium, but in a separate area, each with single rooms, also without doors, in our Order's style. Here there is also a means of retaining only those who like males - anyone reporting a sexual crime, will not cause the reported member be moved, instead he will be moved.

"The official reason for this is if the affair is real, it will cease. But if it is invented, whoever reports it will lose in doing so. In reality, this way we will remove those who don't want to have sex. In fact, on the third report, the one who complains will be dismissed from the Order."

"Let's say, a Candidate or a Novice just never has sex, and never receives proposals, he becomes an Acolyte and then discovers everything."

"No, because the Responsible for the Novices and the Candidates, will proposition the boys - those who accept, and don't make a report, would be a reliable person; while whoever on the contrary reports it, would at once be moved away. It is called selective admission, isn't it?"

"How about the ones who don't accept nor report? This happens often, I think."

"As the proposal comes from their superiors, we can tell him it was a test to check their allegiance and that, not reporting the fact, they didn't pass the test. Therefore they are not worthy to remain in our Order."

"But somebody could refuse only because he doesn't like the person who proposes to him. And not report because he is one of us."

"This is true. Well, they would only be moved, after undergoing two more tests."

"But at the new proposal they will report it at once."

"Yes, that's so... Well, I will ponder some more on this point and I will find a solution."

"In a community of men who freely love men, couldn't there arise jealousy, rivalry, or tensions?"

"No more than between the couples of the villages. We will take care of that."

"And if by chance something was suspected outside, don't you think that the Bergalilam will order a rigorous inquiry and that someone, possibly someone dissatisfied for some reason, could report to the inspectors how things really are? At times one who leaves an Order becomes its worst slanderer."

"I don't think it would be a real problem. Anyway I will work also on this aspect."

"A last question - what would be the official aim to justify the foundation of a new Order? What would it do that the others don't already?"

"This is the second point of my project. It's official, and real aim will be study and discipline."

"But there are already the Disciplined and the Reformed for the discipline, the Wise and the Sapient for the sacred and profane studies."

"Discipline for the Disciplined consists in learning to endure suffering, for the Reformed to accept poverty. For the Closured it will mean learning to live in communal austerity but avoiding self-mortification, or deprivations. Being able to enjoy the limited and little that life offers, but this limited and little has to be beautiful and good; being able to abstain, but abstinence has to prepare for successive enjoyment. The balance of opposites - for that one needs a strong self-discipline and the common life helps to accept this self-discipline. The sacred studies concern only Scriptures and Commentaries, and the profane studies are about the sciences. But no one studies in order to improve, to progress. The Righteous exists to check if the laws are correctly applied. But who controls if the laws are right? Galil said, in the twenty-eighth day of the thirteen month of the fifth year, 'God created the universe and gave it laws, he created humankind and gave him, through me, his laws - the devout Son continues his Father's work, you should continue my work and that of the Father'. This is normally interpreted as meaning to procreate children and diffuse Galil's word. And on the contrary Galil meant to continue the creation's work. Here, Master, I gathered all the passages of Galil's writings that justify the reason for studies and discipline as intended in our Order." Jarvis said handing a second folder to the Master.

Trake read it.

"Yes, you are a visionary, a true visionary, Jarvis. But do you have the strength to have concrete visions. It will not be easy, I am sure, but you could succeed nonetheless, who knows? You are intelligent, diligent, and prudent. What can I say? I will read again all your papers and I will make note of all my doubts and weak points; I will find them, so that you can work on them. It will not be easy, but it seems worth it for you to try. I will help you all I can. The first thing I will do is ask our Great Master to give you a letter authorizing you to visit the Conviviums of the other Orders, and of ours, of course, making of you an Itinerant United. Seeing your prestigious curriculum I think he will grant it to you. You will travel all the territory, get to know what is needed, and adjust your project. Then... then we will see."

"But therefore... I will have to part from you, Master!"

"I am afraid you would."

"But I don't want this."

"Don't you belong to me? Didn't you say so?"

"Certainly yes, I love you."

"In the name of this love, I order you to obey." Trake determinedly said, and then gently added, "I will be here waiting for you. I will have no lover but you. But you have to go, to prepare your path."

"You are asking a painful sacrifice of me in obeying."

"Start being the first Closured - you will have your reward."

Jarvis, tears in his eyes, prostrated in front of his Master and said, "For love, I obey. But it is onerous."

"Obeying when it is sweet is no credit to anyone. Stand up. Come to me now, my love, to make love. Let me give you comfort."

Jarvis, the letter of permission in his haversack, said farewell to his lover, and to all the members of his Convivium and left on a horse liveried in black and yellow. Together with Trake he had marked on the maps which Conviviums to visit. His journey would be split into three large tours, one to the northeast, one to the northwest, and the third to the south. Each tour would require a full year. Between each journey and the next he would return to his own Convivium for a short rest and to consolidate his ideas. But, above all to stay a while with his beloved Master. He left, his heart heavy because of the separation from Trake, even though in the last days they made love often and in a wonderful way. Or, possibly precisely because of it.

He stopped to visit his brother Mulke, who no longer lived in their village but in town. He already had three children and with his wife was managing a profitable commerce in jewels.

They talked a while, then Jarvis asked Mulke, "The last time we were together, you told me you loved me?"

"Yes, of course."

"Do you still love me?"

"Yes. I never forget our nights of making love."

"Do you feel a yearning for them?"

"No, I have my wife, I am content with her. But I recall them with boundless delight. Don't you?"

"I now have my man, and we love each other. But for now I have to part from him for a year."

"The time will soon pass."

"I hope so."

"That last time we couldn't make love as we would have liked, right?"

"We couldn't Mulke, that's right."

"I never forgave myself. I could have untied you, even risking that dad find out and thrash me. I have been a coward. I can't forgive myself."

"I was happy just the same for what we did."

"I would have liked giving pleasure to you too. I feel in debt to you."

"No, Mulke, my sweet brother. You should not."

"You told me about your project. As you start it, you'll need money also. Tell me. I'll give you all I can."

"Thank you."

"You can always count on me."

"I know that, thank you."

"Thank you to you, Jarvis. And good luck to you."

Jarvis understood that Mulke wanted to make love with him one last time, but he still didn't feel ready, even if Trake had him promise that, while they were separated, Jarvis would agree to make love with others if he so desired. The separation from Trake was still too recent. He could still feel the taste of the man's kisses, the warmth of his manly body. It was enough for him to close his eyes to see the beautiful body naked for him, offering himself to him or taking him, Trake's eyes and face lightening up in his orgasm, and hearing his voice repeating to him 'I love you'. He knew he would make love with others during his long journey, but not yet.

The official aim of his journey was to do a true-to-life study of the application of the Constitutions of the various Orders. The real goal was to contact other United who liked the love between men, and ask them how they managed to have safe relationships, and also if they would eventually join the new Order. This second goal was the most difficult and delicate.

During his first journey he visited the twelve Conviviums of the existing twelve different Orders, stopping in each more or less for a month. Some Conviviums were large, others small, some famous, others almost unknown. He soon realized that because he was a stranger it was both easier and more difficult to learn the secrets of the Conviviums. Some of the United became closed and gave him formal answers, circumspect, and at times wary, depicting everything in glowing terms, affirming that everything was perfect. On the other hand others, opened themselves with exaggerated critiques even, showing discontent and irritation, even concerning absolutely trivial points. Seldom did someone open up to him with sincerity. The Wise, the Righteous and the Disciplined were among the most secretive, while the Esthetes, the Donated and the Knights were among the most open.

Jarvis gradually developed talents of polished diplomacy - he listened much, asked questions, was able to touch on matters without coming face to face with them, and learned to read between the lines. Without being untruthful, he took in what the other said, the points where they could agree and exalted them. In this way his interviewee felt he had an ally. He became aware that his Convivium was a kind of happy island, and understood that the merit was above all, of their Elder who was its responsible. The Responsible of the various Conviviums were the strong or weak points of the entire system. Concerning points not fixed by the Constitutions, each Convivium applied its own rules. The Knights, since they had to be ready to go out for any request for help, had a great deal of freedom of movement. The same was also true for the Donated. Among them he found many who were of a mind to open up, telling him about love between men, some clearly talking about their own personal experiences, others talking ambiguously about "a certain United I know in this Convivium"...

Noten, a Knight, told him, "Between us there is a strong solidarity. We don't want the external laws to influence our lives. Last year, two other Knights and I went up in the attic to fetch an ancient flag and we found there a Professed and a Novice who, well, who were fucking. They froze, we were three, you see? But I said aloud, 'There is nothing but dust here; we are the first to come here in ages. Let's get the flag and leave'. One of the others says, 'But those two...' and the other, at once, 'those two who? I can see nobody beside us here! Come, and try not to drink too much, next time'. And we left with the flag. After a while the Professed came to see me, 'I wanted to explain and to thank you...' he said but I interrupted him and said, 'Hey, Parcis, I haven't seen you since yesterday. Were you on a mission? You are one of our best knights. Oh, by the way,' I added while he was looking at me agape, 'when I was a novice there was a Professed who often took me riding in the wood. We took some respite in the old house in ruin, and I fancied it was a lookout post to observe enemies who would otherwise arrive unseen. Well, they could positively not take us by surprise, as there is a window on the second floor from where one can see the only lane leading there, so one could see well in advance if enemies were approaching...' He understood my suggestion and thanked me. Don't you see, Mystic - what he was doing with that Novice was none of my business? He is a very good knight; it was not my intention to lose him. He just had to be more careful. In fact he started to frequently take the novice... for a ride!"

"Are there many, going to... ride in that wood?" Jarvis asked with a smile.

"Well, at times it happens that some of us need some training, and so... "

"The problem is, perhaps, with whom to go, isn't it?" Jarvis asked.

"It's rare not to find a companion."

"Do you mean that everybody would be ready to... "

"No, not everybody, that's true. But only a few. Anyway, it's sufficient to ask. The most one risks is getting a refusal."

"Asking? And how? Directly?"

"Well, no. One starts to say something like 'I feel rather lonely' or else, 'today I'm feeling a little sad'. If the other says, 'It happens to me too, at times.' One can say 'We could do something together, when we both feel lonely'. Something like that almost always works."

Then Jarvis asked, "And if I were to feel lonely, but am not a knight?"

Noten looked at him with a slightly sly smile, "There is a really nice, kind Novice - I could ask him if he would like having your company for a while."

"But... here at your place, is it not forbidden to receive a Novice in his cell?"

"Of course it is. But our Novice can take you to... visit our interesting archives."

"The archives?"

"A set of small rooms at the last floor. Room 3-C is the more interesting. Do you want me to send him here?"

"I would be pleased."

"Then wait here for him." the man said and his red and yellow robes disappeared down a corridor.

After a short while a nineteen year old Novice arrived, beautiful as an angel.

"I was told you would like to visit our archives..."

"Yes... I would."

"Follow me, then, Mystic."

Jarvis followed him down the corridor and up the stairway, until they stopped in front of a door. The boy pulled out a key, opened it, gestured for him enter, and then carefully shut and locked it again.


They passed small rooms crowded with shelves full of ancient manuscripts and documents, until they reached the one where there was a sign, 3-C. They entered. Inside was only a heap of carpets.

"Carpets? In an archive?" Jarvis asked stupefied.

"They are really tapestries, depicting the deeds of Knights of the past."

"And we... on them?"


"Are they often used in this way?"

"No, I don't think so. But you being a guest, this is the safest place. Would you like to undress me?"

"Do you really want to do this with me?"

"Certainly. You are very attractive."

"And you like doing it."

"So very much!"

"Are you Knight Noten's boy?"

"No, he has another boy. I'm no one's boy, for the moment. So... I do it with many." the boy said smiling.

"But in this Convivium... all of you do it?"

"Oh no, just a little more than half of us..."

"And don't you run risks?"

"Well, yes, therefore we are careful and we help each other. But only three years ago a Candidate was exiled and an Acolyte beheaded. They found them doing it in the Acolyte's cell. I too was a candidate, at that time. They were careless. But you, Mystic, what would you like to do with me?"

"And you?" Jarvis said pulling him near himself and starting to undress him.

"Anything... Anything you would like. Shall I undress you?"

"Yes..." Jarvis murmured slipping the heavy tunic off the boy - he was amazed when he saw that the boy wasn't wearing a loincloth. He asked him why.

"As Knights we never wear a loincloth."

"But... if you get a hard-on?"

"The heavy tunic and the purse hanging at our crotch would prevent it from being seen. No problem."

Now they were both naked; the boy was looking with obvious admiration at the erect member of the young man.

"Do you like it?"

"Oh yes! May I give you head?"

"Go ahead."

"Lay here on the tapestries. Which would you like better cumming in my mouth or in my little ass?"

"What if I were to say in both of them?"

"Can you cum, twice in a row?" the Novice asked widening his eyes.

"I can."

"Well, I'm really in luck!" the boy said merrily, bending between Jarvis' legs to start giving him pleasure.

While Jarvis was leaving the Knights Convivium, thought to himself that a novitiate all composed of boys so passionate for sex, would be really ideal and if his project succeeded, it would become a reality. He was aware that the visits he was making to the various Conviviums, although short, were broadening his horizons as to the true-to-life conditions, the problems, the mentality, and understood why Trake suggested he make these journeys. He sensed the fear in the atmosphere of the Disciplined Convivium; so different from the only one he'd ever visited before - a climate of suspicion, of obliteration. He had had a problem to make one of the United divulge his feelings, a twenty-five year old Professed. But at the end the young man, after Jarvis confessed to him that he, in his Convivium, had a lover, a man, he opened up.

"You are lucky, Mystic. You live in paradise. Here everything is different. They will certainly question me about what we talked. We have surprise inspections, and I know that in the laundry they check our loincloths to check if there are any traces of our seed."

"And how do manage then, when you want to make love?"

"Oh, it could happen by some lucky situation, even if very, very seldom. Also in that case, we are so tense, afraid, that we almost cannot even enjoy it. I too have a lover here, for six years - we have managed to make love no more than a dozen times. We exchange some words from time to time, we touch each other hastily, just to recall we love each other. Here we are not chased, if caught or suspected - we are shut in the vaults for periods of time, from one month up to five years..."

"But why do you remain in the Order, then?"

"What could we do, outside, without a family, without a job? A United cannot go back any more, as you know too well, don't you?"

"But you can at least ask to be moved to another Convivium. Those of the Disciplined are not all like yours."

"The request must be submitted to the Responsible. And he answers he will think about it, but he never gives an answer. Anyway, besides this problem, life here is not so hard. Everything else here is fine. So, we remain here and try to hold out."

Then Jarvis told him about his project, and at the end asked, "Would you come to my Order?"

"Oh, I certainly would, and many with me. But our responsible would never give his consent."

Right, Jarvis thought, he also had to think about this problem; he had to find a solution.

In the Convivium of the Esthetes on the other hand he found a really peculiar situation. It was one of the freest Conviviums in certain aspects, and one of the more repressive for others. A wide area was given over to artistic activities, as it was in the Order's spirit. For instance, anyone who wanted to draw a nude could ask a male or even a female to pose as a model, completely naked, without any problem, provided it's done in the posing room and in presence of not less than four other people. In the evenings the Responsible passed to lock all the cells and nobody could leave them until morning. In turn one of the United was on watch in the corridors and if somebody rang the bell because of some problem, for instance because he felt ill, the man on watch went to call the Responsible. Each cell had a toilet.

The solution, an Acolyte confided to him, was to form a group of six United engaged in the same artistic activity, and liking sex between them. For instance, among the painters, or the sculptors. In turn the two posing naked could make love, of course in presence of the others, who all the while were on watch to warn them in time if somebody arrived. Also the actors often formed groups of at least six people, and in turn two of them could make love behind the scenery. It was somewhat harder for the goldsmiths, the singers, the musicians, the dancers and others. In fact almost all the male lovers ended up being painters, sculptors or actors, even if they felt more gifted in other arts.

The Esthete who related these things to Jarvis, told him he was lucky, as he liked being a painter, and so did his lover, and that he got used to making love in front of his companions or seeing them making love.

"At first my companion and I, both Candidates, were embarrassed doing it or watching. But now, as we are always the same six people, we are no longer embarrassed."

"But how did you come to join the group?"

"Posing. The other four were already two couples of lovers, a Novice, two Acolytes and a Professed. But of course we didn't yet know that. The four wanted to bring in two Candidates, so they tried with us also, the technique is quite simple - I was posing naked, and the Novice with me. My companion was waiting, sitting there in the same room. An Acolyte calls him and tells him to help to grind the colors, so he makes him turn his back to us. Then the Professed joins them to help. Lastly the other Acolyte goes to choose the brushes, so nobody is watching the Novice and me. They are all in the room, but are all busy and don't look at us. At this point the Novice touches me between my legs and winks to me. I blush but don't move. He points out his member to me and again winks at me. That day nothing else happens.

"Later in the corridor, as I didn't react, the Novice asks me in a whisper, 'You liked being touched, didn't you?' 'Those things are not to be done' I said and he insisted, 'But you enjoyed it'. 'They could see us'. I answered. 'But you liked it, didn't you?' he again asked. In the end I admitted, 'Yes'. Also my companion, when they tried it with him answered 'yes.' So, the next time the Novice touches me again, somewhat longer, and I got aroused. When the two painters came back, I felt embarrassed, but they, even if they do see my state, act as if nothing happened. Then it happens again, once, we Candidates and the Novice are posing, naked. The novice touches both of us. And he does it other times, until once when the painter comes back the Novice continues to fondle us. I feel like dying, and move away, red like a red pepper. My companion covers himself, he too blushing to the tip of his ears. But the painter calls the others and they explain everything to us - they are two couples of lovers and if we two boys want to do it between us, or even with one of them, while posing, to them it is okay. We accepted at once, then, when we too were Acolytes, we found some Candidates who joined us."

"But there are of course some Candidates who refuse, aren't there?"

"Certainly. They usually tell the Novice, in the corridor, to stop that or else they would be forced to report him. So we simply don't ask them to pose with us any more, and warn our friends, painters, sculptors or actors, to be careful with that boy. Or if they react at once saying something like 'Stop it!' more or less aloud. In this case one of us asks what's up. Normally the boy answers 'Nothing', sometimes instead says that the Novice touched his genitals. The novice assures us he didn't it on purpose, and we just tell him pretending severity, 'This should never happen again, or we will be forced to report you!' Then we never invite that boy again and not even our friends try it with him. It's worked, ever since, and there has never been any problem."

"Why do you always try with Candidates?"

"Because the boys of that age have two advantages on the Novices - they are sexually more active at that age and have less courage to report the facts."

Jarvis disclosed his project to him.

"But if I entered your Order, could I continue to paint?"

"Certainly, without a problem. And you could make love in your cell with your lover, without any fear, and not in front of the others."

"Then I would come running! If you succeed, let me know, please."

In the Convivium of the Righteous, Jarvis was given a Candidate for his personal service, as it was their custom. He was a blond boy, nice, who captivated Jarvis at once, filling him with desire. He was also very handsome, witty and intelligent. During the first few days Jarvis entered into his confidence. The Righteous didn't eat in a refectory, they had a system where the young Candidates took their meals to their cells and cleaned them, but they had to go back to the Candidates and Novices wings to sleep. His name was Fersh and he was seventeen years old.

"Hey, Fersh, are the Righteous always so serious?"

"Yes, Professed Jarvis, they are."

"I can't see you as one of them, you're so cheerful."

"I will become serious as they are."

"But why did you enter the Righteous?"

"My father asked for my admission."

"You father? And why? It is rare that parents do that."

"I swore to him that I would never marry, therefore he had no alternative. I asked him rather to put me in the Sapient's Order, as I like studying. But he said it was for him to decide, and that was that."

"Why didn't you want to marry?"

"Because women don't attract me at all."

"Oh, the same as me. Women all seem to be blockheads."

"And ugly."

"On the other hand boys seem at least to have 'some salt in their nut' as we say."

"And they are well shaped."

Jarvis looked at him then said, "You seem to be really well shaped."

"You too, Professed."

The message seemed clear, so he said, "Do you like someone more than the others, here?"

"I do."

"And..." Jarvis insisted with a smile, winking.

"Last month Master Bogga gave us a lecture about the crime of sex between same gender people."

"Ah, in here such things don't happen do they?"

Fersh giggled, "Master Bogga himself tried it with a Candidate, a friend of mine."

"Are you sure?"

"I can't swear to it, but my companion never lies..."

"And... are there others?"

"Oh, yes!"


"From what I know personally, three couples."

"Not so many."

"If I, a Candidate, know about three couples, there must be many more. Another of my companions, for instance, after serving the meal, has to get under the table..."

"Under the table? What for?"

"Well, a little service under the tunic of the United he has to serve..."

"I see. Nice as you are I would guess, it must happen quite often that you are asked for... extra services."

"Yes, sure."


"You want to know if I did it? They don't go as far as forcing you. They offer us cakes or something like that, but we can refuse, if we don't like it."

"And... you don't like it."

"Well, it depends who asks me." the boy admitted with a shy smile.

"And, tell me Fersh, what do you think about me?"

The boy's smile accentuated, "Try to tell me your desires..."

"Making love with you, boy."

"Hey, you go straight to the heart of the matter! Not something fast, right? With you I will willingly do anything you like - you are alluring, and handsome. But I'm afraid we will not have the time for something more than a 'quickie', without undressing. You on the other hand were thinking of something more... substantial, weren't you?"

"Yes, my boy, something done at leisure."

"Two, three hours?"


"Then, why don't you ask the Responsible if you may visit the ruins of the old Convivium?"

"What ruins?"

"Up on the side of the valley. It was destroyed by a landslide. Only the Law's Hall and the Graves Wing still stand. It is ancient and secluded. If all works well, he will tell me to guide you there. We go up there in pilgrimage every year. But you have to walk for about one and a half hours. We could take our meal in a basket. Perhaps he agrees... but doesn't send me to guide you, or he could send other people with us. In this case you will have a walk with no purpose..."

"I think it's worth trying. And if we are unlucky, we will think of another solution, or content ourselves with something fast." Jarvis said.

The boy smiled happily.

They were lucky.

"See, we have to go up there. Still about twenty minutes before we arrive." Fersh said pointing to an imposing building at mid height up the valley slope.

"It seems huge!"

"Yes, from here. It is large but not huge. But it is beautiful, isn't it?"

"Yes. Let's go."


"Aren't you?"

"I am, I assure you." Fersh answered with a conspiratorial look. He pulled up his black mantle with his arms and resumed walking, leading the way. Bright red socks and shoes showed from under the black tunic of the boy. "Here we are. We will enter from the back, come." the boy said.

They entered a square hall, surmounted by a cupola and on three sides narrow, tall windows without glass.

"Stay here, I want to show you a trick."

"A trick?"

"Yes," the boy said leaving him and walking towards the wall without windows. "Do you hear me?" the boy asked aloud.


"And now?"


"And now?" he asked again and suddenly his voice resounded all over the Hall as if it came from everywhere.

Jarvis had such an amazed expression that the boy burst in a crystalline laughter that resounded all over the Hall.

Remaining there, the boy said, "It's not good doing it here, right? Our moans would become a symphony!"

Jarvis laughed and answered, ""But where I am, it seems it is all right."

"But there is a better place. Come with me."

Behind a big stone pillar, in the corner of the Hall, there was a narrow door leading to a winding stairway, cut in the thickness of that same pillar. They went up, one behind the other, for countless steps, until they were out on a triangular terrace arranged between the dome and the external border of the square. The vista was wonderful - the valley sloped down in soft tones of green that merged far off with the color of the sky, giving the feeling of seeing an infinite panorama.

"Here, if you like."

"It's wonderful! Did you already make love here?"

"No, never. But several times I thought it would be nice. Let's spread our mantles and tunics on the floor. Would you like to eat before or after?"

"Later. Now I'm hungry for you."

They undressed leaving only their loincloths on. Jarvis untied the red loincloth of the boy and his black one at once.

The boy caressed his genitals, "You are beautiful... and well endowed. Who knows how many of the Candidates and Novices in your Convivium are just waiting to be invited! How many do you have?"

"Just one, the man I love."

"Your lover? A steady lover, you mean?"


"It must be great having a steady lover. Here the boys just satisfy the adults, and that is all. From what I know there aren't steady couples of adults. But possibly I just don't know enough." Fersh then said, he stopped talking, knelt in front of the man's member, which was hardening, and started to lick it.

The young man saw that the boy was also getting aroused. He caressed his gold color hair and asked him, "Are you still a virgin, in your backside?"

"Yes, but if you want to take me, I would be pleased."

"I don't want to hurt you, if you are not used. If I had at least some cream..."

"I brought some fine oil."

"Then you desired it?"

"I hoped that you would."

"But then we will stain our loincloths with the oil."

"I also brought a small cloth to clean ourselves," he grinned.

"You really prepared everything, didn't you?" Jarvis said with an admiring smile.

"It's because I've wanted this for so long, Professed Jarvis. And I am glad you are the first, I like you so much! You are kind, besides being beautiful."

Jarvis had him lie down. Before penetrating the boy, he caressed, kissed, licked him for a long while, making him fully aroused. Fersh devoted himself to the young man's body with great pleasure and passion. When Jarvis felt the boy was ready, picked up the small oil bottle that the boy had brought, and lubed the boy's hole and his own member carefully.

Then he took the slender, hearty legs of the boy on his shoulders, "You drive it inside, Fersh." He said seizing him at his waist and touching the little untouched hole with his glans.

The boy took the hard member of the Professed and guided it while Jarvis was starting to apply pressure. The hole began to yield slightly.

"If it hurts, tell me." Jarvis said caressing the boy's chest.

"Don't worry, I want it all inside me." the boy said smiling sweetly.

Jarvis continued to push, trying not to hurt him. For a moment a shadow of pain dimmed the boy's beautiful face. Jarvis became still.

"No, please, go on. I know that at first it hurts a little, but I was told that later it becomes beautiful. I want you all in me, really. Don't worry about me, please."

"You promise me you will tell me to stop, if the pain is too great?"

"I promise."

Then Jarvis resumed pushing, always guided by the Candidate's light hand. Fersh closed his eyes, but continued to smile. Jarvis' rod continued to gradually slip inside the boy. Jarvis was so tense, fearing to hurt him, that he was sweating.

The boy opened his luminous eyes again, "It doesn't hurt so much, and I like it. Half of it is in. Push without fear, please."

"Yes, Fersh."

"Do you like taking me?"

"So very much, Fersh, so very much!"

"I too love being taken by you."

"What are you feeling?"

"It is like... I don't know, it's inexplicable. It is like a strong caress, hot, sweet. As if I don't belong to myself any more, but to you. Feeling dominated, sweetly dominated, and happy. But at the same time, feeling being the dominator... and happy."

"The dominator?"

"Yes, because you depend on me for your pleasure, in a way. Your flesh is inside me because I wanted to welcome you. And now we are so intimately united..."

Jarvis was listening to the boy's words while continuing to slowly but determinedly sink in his hot, tight hole, until he was all inside him. The boy pulled away his hand and emitted a light sigh.

Then Jarvis started to move back and forth inside him, at first with controlled light moves, then, seeing that the boy was smiling in bliss, he gradually increased his tempo's strength and speed.

"Oh, I love it!" the boy murmured.

"Doesn't it hurt you?"

"Not so much as to loose the pleasure. You are a splendid male, Professed Jarvis."

"And you are a splendid boy. Your smile is so beautiful!"

"If I had a lover like you, I would follow him to the end of the world. Why don't you take me with you?"

"I already have a lover, as I told you. But I too like you very much."

They made love with calm, for a long while, with passion. Jarvis, while continuing to enjoy the boy, masturbated him, teased his nipples so that he was able to bring them to orgasm simultaneously. They came together, moaning their pleasure aloud. Jarvis lay on top of the boy, embracing him, still fully embedded in him, and kissed him deeply.

"Did you like it, boy?"

"So very much! Thank you!"

"Thank you? For what? Rather it is I who should thank you."

"Thank you for taking my virginity. I think I will never forget you."

"Fersh, you desire to come with me?"

"So very much!"

"Even if we could no longer make love?"

"Well... "

"But if coming with me you could find the lover you are dreaming about, and make love with him freely?"


"When you want, without hiding, as you want, calmly and safely."

"It would be wonderful. I would certainly come with you, then."

"Good, my boy just be patient. In few years you will hear about me again. Then, try to be moved to my Convivium and I assure you that there you can find the lover you desire."

"It's a dream."

"That will become reality in a few years." Jarvis said leaning back, still naked, to admire the splendid panorama flooded by sunlight again.

The boy came close and caressed his body.

"It is beautiful being so, naked, after making love, isn't it?" Jarvis sweetly said to him looking at his luminous eyes, girding his shoulders with his arm and pulling him to himself.

Both were immersed in the admiration of the wide panorama and in the pleasure of sharing their gentle nudity after their embrace, without worries.

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