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an original story by Andrej Koymasky

by Andrej Koymasky © 2015
written on March 7, 1995
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Bill


Chapter 1
A - Preface
B - Silvan and his first companions - Deer, Happy and Angler, Strong and Flower, on the Blazing Mount
C - The "Commune of Blazing Mount" is born and Silvan, its First Master, dictated its Rule. Death of Silvan

Chapter 2
D - The first Temple. The story of Joyous, Silvan's successor, and of his companion Silent
E - The Stronghold and the Fortress. The First Statute. The Forum of the Heads of Families. The story of Trusty and Severe

Chapter 3
F - The Very Right and Serene Commune of Silvana. The Commune first war. The freedom
G - The second Silvana war. The secret archives. The complete educational system

Chapter 4
H - Prince Hawthorn invades Silvana for six months. Gentle's heroism. New dangers
I - Moral decadence of the Commune. The reforms. Rebirth of the Commune
J - The invasion of Prince Tree Mastiff against the asylum right. New agreement with the king

Chapter 5
K - The Commune siege. The fall of the neighboring kingdom. Contacts with the new power
L - The new Emperor recognizes Silvana freedom and abolishes the "gift" and the conscription

Chapter 6
M - The Great Commander Beautyfuls asks for asylum. The Prince's invasion. Primula and Desire
N - The new Emperor of All Lands. Strong and good relations with the new Empire
O - Decadence, deportation, suppression of the Commune. His clandestine life in the Diaspora

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