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an original story by Andrej Koymasky

Ended to write in the Year of our Lord 1697, and based on his notes of all a life

by Andrej Koymasky © 2010 - Witten on 27 July 2002
translated by the Author - English text kindly revised by Brian

Prologue & Incipit
How a gentle outlaw made me understand my real nature
How I experienced with a friend, and how I was sent to Africa
How I was betrayed, kidnapped, and became the page of a black king
How I persuaded the king to let me go, with all the honours
How I was kept prisoner by the Spaniards
How I went to the Americas and visited an interesting island
How I rescued a fugitive and took my pleasure with him
How I was chased away for having finally dared to love
How I visited the Tuscany Grand-duchy, the land of love
How my father decided on my exile to avoid a scandal
How in Cardiff I fell in love with a sweet fisherman
How I met a writer, and then a friend of my fisherman
How I discovered what two of my servants did inside my coach
How my brother in law fell into my arms
How I seduced a wrestler and gave lessons to a soldier
How I discovered that Paris is the capital city of licentiousness
How I discovered that the son of my loyal Sean is like me
How I resigned myself to pay street boys
How when a man less expects it, he finds true love -

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