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If you view the source code for this page, you can see that everything is enclosed in an invisible table with 2 cells: in the first cell, there is just a transparent gif: the original size of 1x1 pixel is modified as "WIDTH=25" and "HEIGHT=1", because the rainbow border to the left is 25 pixels wide. The second cell contains the actual content of this page.

You can choose one of these backgrounds:

(Real size = 1200x128)

(Real size)

To see this page with the background above, click on it.

What do you think about those bars? You can "build" them...

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This is just one of the markers you can find here, where the original width is changed from "20" to "300"

fake barfake barfake barfake barfake barfake bar

These are the six bullets, arranged one after another, where the original width is changed from "20" to "50"

And some useful buttons:

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If you want all the graphic files in this set, you can download this zip file.

decorative bar

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